About ASI

Steel bumpers for fire engines and emergency vehicle bumpers and polished stainless steel fabrications from ASI
Highly polished steel bumpers, fire truck bumpers.

Highly polished stainless steel or painted fire/emergency vehicle bumpers and fabrications

ASI fire truck bumpers and some emergency vehicle bumpers. Wiley Metal is an Indiana-based steel fabricator founded in 1982. Starting in 2008 Wiley began to pursue a diversification strategy within the metal fabricating marketplace. After nearly two years of investigation, the company was expanded with the acquisition of California-based Avionic Structures, Inc.

Avionics Structures is now Avionic Structures of Indiana. ASI is a leading manufacturer of highly polished stainless steel bumpers for fire engines and some emergency vehicle bumper applications. They are also adept at certain fabrications requiring the use of highly polished stainless steel. ASI also supplies painted steel bumpers, tails and extensions.

ASI is the leading OEM supplier of bumpers to the fire engine industry. And they are playing an increasing role with replacement bumpers for the firehouse aftermarket. If you need a fire engine replacement bumper, you have come to the right place!

ASI also manufactures painted steel bumpers, tails and extensions.